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 This website is mostly about The Chipmunks and The Chipettes. Information will be updated occasionally by the founder.


 Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are back with a brand new CD! To hear several samples, check out the Media section. (Loved it: but where are The Chipettes?!)


01. We're The Chipmunks (Remix)

 02. Shake Your Groove Thing (feat. Drew Seeley)

 03. Livin' On A Prayer

 04. Three Little Birds

 05. Thank You

 06. All The Small Things

 07. Acceptance

08. Don't Stop Believin'

 09. Ho Ho Ho

10. Rock And Roll

11. Home

12. Undeniable

13. We’re The Chipmunks (Original Recording)

14. The Time Warp



ALVIN SEVILLE (the talented troublemaker)


Alvin is the oldest of the chipmunks, and also the lead singer of their group. He is always the one who gets them into trouble, (usually in an attempt to get rich or famous) and tends to be selfish, self centred, and conceited at times. He really hates to be alone and is VERY vain about his looks, although he does suffer from 'small munk complex'. (his height). Regardless of all this, he is very protective of his brothers. (unless of course, he's the one doing the teasing and torturing...)

 His favorite color, obviously, is red, and he (usually) dates Brittany. (See the Alvin & Brittany Shrine for details)

 And in case anyone's wondering, he also happens to be my favorite out of all the Chipmunks! :)



SIMON SEVILLE (the intelligent realist)


Simon is the second oldest of the chipmunks and is considered the brain of the group. He is always the voice of reason and logic behind Alvin's crazy schemes, and usually, (unsuccessfully), tries to talk him out of following these crazy ideas... He is very level headed in tough situations and is a strong believer in following the rules-- though occasionally he does break them along with his brothers to make sure they don't get into too much trouble... In his spare time, he enjoys reading and studying.


His favorite color is blue and his girlfriend is (usually) Jeanette.



THEODORE SEVILLE (the cute innocent butterball)






Theodore is the youngest of his brothers (does the teddy bear give it away ^_^) and is also the drummer in their band. He is considered the nicest out of all the chipmunks and can get along with just about anyone-- although he does tend to be shy at times. He loves to eat and almost always seems to be hungry. He also enjoys cooking and baking in his spare time-- (which helps explain his cute little plump figure) and tends to scare easily. He usually gets really nervous when he's around a girl he likes, and tends to be a little slow when it comes to learning in school.

 His favorite color is green, and he (usually) dates Eleanor.



 BRITTANY MILLER (the pretty drama queen)


Brittany is the oldest of her sisters, and also the lead singer of their group. She can be egotistical and selfish, just like Alvin at times, and is EXTREMELY vain about her looks. She enjoys acting, modelling, and singing-- and is constantly competing with the Chipmunks over whose group is better. Since she is supposed to be the counterpart of Alvin, she too is always coming up with different ideas on how to get rich and famous. And again, just like Alvin, she tends to be very protective of her sisters-- although at times, it takes her awhile...

Her favorite color is pink, and she (usually) dates Alvin.



 ELEANOR MILLER (the strong-minded, caring one)


 Eleanor is the youngest of her sisters, and just like Theodore, loves to cook and bake. Here though, the similarities basically end. Her personality is not really like Theodore's at all: in reality, it's actually closer to Simon's than anyone else. Like Simon, she's usually the one who tries to talk Brittany out of following her crazy schemes and tends to gets extremely annoyed she complains or does something stupid. In a way, however, she is also like Alvin: she is very athletic and good at almost every sport and would do anything to help her sisters. In this way, I think Eleanor is supposed to be all the Chipmunks, even though she is actually only supposed to represent Theodore's counterpart.

 Her favorite color is green, and (usually) she dates Theodore.



JEANETTE MILLER (the sweet klutz)


Jeanette is the second oldest of the Chipettes. She is the brain of the group, and is considered the nice one-- just like Theodore. Her personality, just like Eleanor, doesn't resemble Simon's very much: she is actually more like Theodore. She is very kind towards her sisters, and tends to be quiet and shy. She is very confident who she is, however, and doesn't seem to care what other people think of her. In her spare time she enjoys reading and studying. .

 Her favorite color is purple, and her boyfriend is (usually) Simon.



 DAVID SEVILLE (the long-suffering father)


 Dave is the father of the Chipmunks, and also their manager. He began caring for them when he found them sleeping on his porch in a basket, abandoned. When he first started raising them, he was a poor songwriter. It wasn't until after he heard the Chipmunks singing one of his songs, that he was able to sell it and make some money, securing singing careers, as well as their financial future.


The voice of Dave was done by Ross Bagdasarian: The creator of the Chipmunks, as well as their voice actor. (He originally voiced all of them). After Bagdasarian died, a decade later, his son, Ross Bagdasarian Jr., with the help of his wife, Janice Karman, brought the Chipmunks back to life. This time, however, they were drawn slightly different, and introduced some new characters: namely, the Chipettes (Janice Karman's idea). After that, Bagdasarian Jr. and Janice Karman took over most of the voices.



 MISS MILLER (the crazy but kind neighbour)


Miss.  Miller is the strange, eccentric, but nice, old lady who lives next door to the Chipmunks. She also happens to have a crush on Dave! Eventually, the school where the Chipmunks and Chipettes attend discover that the Chipettes live on their own: (Originally the Chipettes lived in a big, cool tree house by themselves, after they escaped from a rotten orphanage in Australia). The Chipettes are then forced to choose between being placed in foster care, and possible separation, or finding someone to move in with. Originally they try moving in with the Chipmunks, but that REALLY doesn't work out. Eventually, Alvin comes up with the idea of Miss Miller, who eventually, (after much coaxing), agrees. Originally she only agrees because she feels sorry for them and because, originally, it was only going to be for a short while. Later on, however, they all form a bond and she begins to think of them as her daughters. Because of this, she ultimately decides to offer to let them stay there indefinitely, which they happily accept.





 A sneaky, greedy, con-munk who originally pretends to be the Chipmunks long-lost uncle, in order to get them to work for him, with minimum pay: (or nothing at all). The Chipmunks eventually figure out that he's not really their uncle, and so leave, returning to Dave. Uncle Harry, however, makes several more appearances throughout the television series. At one he even cons the Chipettes.






 Eventually, the Chipmunks go searching for their long-lost mother and after days of a treacherous search, actually manage to find her! At first, everyone's happy, but eventually Alvin gets upset since he doesn't understand why she abandoned them. Their mother explains that the year she abandoned them there was a horrible winter and all of the animals in the forest were forced to leave their homes because of it. The fact that they were so young, forced her to realize that they wouldn't survive the journey if she brought them with her. So instead, she decided to leave them with a nice man who was always kind to the forest animals (Dave). She said, "Giving up her babies was the hardest thing she ever did," and then told them that when spring came and she could finally return to get them, she saw how happy they were with Dave, and thought they'd be better off with him.

Eventually, Alvin forgives his mother, and they all part ways on a good note: promising to keep in touch.


Alvin and Brittany


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